Update 2019/02/19: Well, the tweet database has finally outgrown its home here on Glitch. Fortunately I've had backup instance of this app running on my personal server over at emojitetra-viewer.5of0.co for a while, so this app is now just requesting its boards from their sibling over there. You can keep accessing it through this verion, and it shouldn't make any difference other than (maybe) things taking a little longer to load. This is a good occasion to note, however, that if things aren't working right here, it's worth trying over at the sibling instance - it will usually be running a slightly older version, so if I break something here it probably won't be broken over there! 😎

Update 2018/12/02: If you want to see the history in numbers, I've started making some charts to get a historical view of things. Currently, there's a chart of scores over time, and a chart of how controversial the voting was over time.

Update 2018/11/18: I recently did a lot of reworking on the backend to load smaller bits and make everything much faster. Everything should be put back together, but if you notice anything strange, tweet or DM me at @cincodenada.
Also, a small improvement that actually inspried the whole rework: you're looking at the current state of the game (as of a minute ago max), not a move or two behind. Yay! 😄